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Mason Jar Mug

A pint mason jar that includes two lids, one includes a metal straw. Wrapped in a full-grain leather holster combines vintage aesthetics with form and functionality. The thick, tough handle has plenty of strength, even with a full mug of your preferred beverage, and the optional lid lets you take it to go.

The thick, full-grain leather used for your Welsh Mtn holster may come with its own unique marks not pictured here. Please see item details for additional information.


  • Handcrafted in the U.S.A.
  • Full-grain leather, copper rivets
  • Measurements: 5″ Tall, 3.5″ Wide

Full-Grain Leather

Full-grain leather means the surface (or grain) of the leather has never been sanded down or corrected.  This gives full-grain leather more strength and durability than lesser grades, as well as a natural luster that only gets better with time. It also means full-grain leather may contain marks accrued over the lifetime of the hide. Most of the time, we think these marks lend character and authenticity to a Welsh Mtn piece. We think you’ll agree but, if not, reach out to us and we will see what we can do to fix the issue.

Care Instructions

Each Welsh Mtn Co. product is designed to stand up to rigorous use but full-grain leather needs proper care in order to last a lifetime. The following instructions will ensure your leather is ready for anything you throw at it.

If your leather feels too stiff when it arrives, massage and roll it between your hands to soften it. No need to be gentle! The best thing to do with a brand new leather piece is use it. It will become softer and more pliable the more you do. Over time, full grain leather darkens and develops a natural sheen or patina.

We recommend conditioning your Welsh Mtn items every 4-6 months with regular use and spot cleaning as needed. 

To spot clean your leather: Gently dab with a soft, damp cloth, using an all natural leather cleaner. Allow the leather to air dry completely (8-24 hours) before you condition it. Do not immerse your bag in water or use heat like a hair dryer to speed up the drying process.

To condition it: Apply very small amounts of an all-natural leather conditioner, like Smith’s Leather Balm, evenly on your entire leather bag. You may also apply regular olive oil very sparingly as an alternative leather conditioner. The ideal time to condition leather to keep it healthy, supple and soft is about every 4-6 months.


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